Welcome to the Institute for the Study of the Science of Society. The Institute is based on Marxism as the science of society: ISSS education is scientific. It proceeds from the Marxist understanding that the world is knowable. The Institute recognizes that advances in scientific thinking as well as changes in the real world demand that conscious revolutionaries deepen and extend the science of society.

The purpose of the Institute is best understood in relation to the dialectic of science and the application of science. We distinguish between Marxism-the-science and Marxism-the-doctrine. Marxism-the-science describes the laws that govern the development of societies.  Marxism-the-doctrine rests on the conclusions of the science and is a set of principles that guide revolutionaries’ activity.

The purpose of ISSS education is to teach the methodology of Marxism. We teach the thinking process that allows revolutionaries to understand the laws governing the processes they deal with and then to continually perfect and test the ramifications of those laws. At the same time, we recognize that as revolutionaries, we must understand the world to play our role in changing it. ISSS education prepares leaders to contribute to the development of clear and concrete political analysis, line, and political decisions. How we teach Marxism flows from our purpose which is not simply to create science but to equip active revolutionaries to draw conclusions.